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16 December 1981
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Hi! the name is kit lee I'm a huge fan of talespin and kit cloudkicker.one of my favorite episode's is plunder and lighting the move and all 4 parts.at one time I did write talespin fan fiction and poems( in the past now, but still think of a few ideas every now and then tough).I'm a 28 year old

Male who has not yet grown out of cartoons and I probly never will! some of my favorite cartoons are the ones from the disney afternoon, the raccoons, and Looney Tunes, as well as many other classic cartoons. In my spare time I enjoy playing my guitar,and playing my playstation 2, playstation 3 and

all of my Nintendo's Nes through Game cube, and now the Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo ds. mostly rpg, and action games like The legend of Zelda, Final fantasy,Mario,Metal Gear Solid, and others just to name a few.also

thank you every one on the TaleSpin, and Cloudkickers Live journal page's for keeping the memories of Kit Cloudkicker and TaleSpin alive.

(also at the curent time i'm an enployed at Gamestop video gameing store In the past Curuntly Looking foword to a new Job soon)I'm also In the Planing Stages of Geting ready To In a year or so Going To Florda to Walt Disney world To Try Out for Geting a job Working For Disney world Being a Costume Character Performer as You My friends Know if all works out I'm Hopful To meet the Goal In a

Year or so Thats something I'm Looking foword To as well. I am also a christian and, have strong faith in God.to all my friends I have met through Lj, and a as member of the Tale Spin,Cloudkickers, and the Disney afternoon Lj's, to all my friends I have met thank you muchly for your friendship,and may God Bless you all!:)



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